Christmas Alphabet : A for Aaron Neville, 5 Blind Boys of Alabama & W H Auden




A drumbeat from the heart urging you back Home for Christmas.

For Aaron Neville Home is in Louisiana and he hymns it royally.

Wherever the Home that calls to your heart is I hope you make it there for Christmas.

Now for some mighty, mighty testifying from The Five Blind Boys of Alabama.

Tom Waits, a notable Jukebox favourite, adds his unmistakeable golden tones to add even more piquancy.

Go Tell It!

W. H. Auden was unquestionably a great Poet who combined enormous technical accomplishment with searching intelligence and wit.

When Auden speaks we do well to listen and reflect.


Next Post on the 21st .. S for …


21 thoughts on “Christmas Alphabet : A for Aaron Neville, 5 Blind Boys of Alabama & W H Auden

  1. Neville’s singing always reminds me of an old Fender tube amp with a slightly wacky, unpredicitable Tremolo. Warm, suddenly warped, warm again. I was standing with Kim Davis one time, and we asked a certifiable blues legend how he set up his amp and he said, “These three ry’chere? All the way. An the volume ’bout here.” He waved his hand at the last three or four knobs.” I don’t use no tra-mo-lo, no revoib, none of that.” Why? “Why? ‘Cause I doan want my gi-tar soundin’ like Aaron Nevile. He owns that, y’know?”

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