The Complete Christmas Cornucopia + Bill Evans – Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Perhaps you’re a little tired of Turkey sandwiches?

All your presents opened?

It’s cold and rainy outside?

Some people you meet are even a little cross and bickerish?

Well, settle down in your favourite chair with your favourite drink at hand and dive deep into the many treasures contained within The Immortal Jukebox Christmas Cornucopia Series.

If you’ve read ’em all already – award yourself a gold star and read ’em again!

As a bonus treat before the history unfolds here’s my go to Poet of the Piano, Bill Evans, with a glowing version of, ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’.

Ain’t no one can stay cross and bickerish after listening to Bill!

Christmas Cornucopia Day 1 :

A Painting by Piero della Francesca, Music by Bobby Helms, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Arvo Part and a Poem by John Clare.

Christmas Cornucopia Day 2

A Painting by Fra Angelica, Music by Eartha Kitt, Harry Fontenot, Mahler/Kathleen Ferrier and a Poem by U A Fanthorpe.

Christmas Cornucopia Day 3

A Painting by Federico Barocci, Music by Bill Evans, Elvis Presley and Tish Hinojosa and a poem by John Betjeman.

Christmas Cornucopia Day 4

A Painting by Giorgione, Music by Mae McKenna & Mairi Macinnes and Roger Miller. A Poem by Christopher Smart.

Christmas Cornucopia Day 5

A Painting by Taddeo Gaddi, Music by Louis Armstrong & Kay Starr. A Poem by Patric Dickinson.

Christmas Cornucopia Day 6

A Painting by Geertgen tot Sint, Music by The Unthank Sisters, The Larks and Hildegard of Bingen sung by Emma Kirkby/Gothic Voices. A Poem by Christina Rossetti.

Christmas Cornucopia Day 7

A Painting by Tintoretto, Music by Chris Isaak, John Prine and Gluck sung by Janet Baker. A poem by Richard Middleton.

Christmas Cornucopia Day 8

A Painting by El Greco, Music by The Chieftains with Nanci Griffith, The Trinity Lavra Choir and Dowland played by Julian Bream.

Christmas Cornucopia Day 9

A Painting by Peter Paul Rubens, Music by Joe Tex, June Christy and Chopin played by Claudio Arrau. A Poem by Norman Nicholson.

Christmas Cornucopia Day 10

A Painting by Andrei Rublev, Music by Big Joe Turner, Fats Waller and Herbert Howells.

Christmas Cornucopia Day 11

A Painting by Duccio, Music by The Voice Squad, Patty Griffin and Emmylou Harris. A poem by Lawrence Sail.



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