105 thoughts on “Richard & Linda Thompson, Sam Cooke and Charlie Rich – The Cry for Home!

  1. Thom,

    I’m sure I’m not alone in treasuring the Jukebox for the extraordinary facility it has of bringing to mind groups and tunes long (by me) forgotten, along with the good times they (sometimes) summon up. How long has it been since I listened to Linda Thompson do Dimmin’ of the Day? Answer: quite a doggone while until I took “Pour Down Like Silver” off the shelf after a visit to your place.

    [For connoisseurs of words like yourself, I’ll confess that Richard’s line, “When all my will is gone you hold me sway”, induces the same kind of involuntary twitch as Procol Harum’s “We skipped a light fandango.” But then Cole Porter produced some clunkers too.]

    ANYWAY, nice to get get hipped on some of the doings in the Hickey household while on a journey to the happy past. By the way, I added “the South Downs” to places I’d never thought to visit but maybe ought to.


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  2. Oh boy that last one and your write up got me! I pass my mums old home every day and as it is the anniversary of her death this week I was feeling tender anyway!
    Phew you pinpointed just how loaded the idea of ‘home’ is. I thank goodness for my humble little box every day.
    Good luck in your new place- I hope the move is as smooth as possible and you settle in quickly and have great neighbours!


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