UK Blog Awards : Nominate The Immortal Jukebox!

I am delighted to have so many dedicated followers of The Immortal Jukebox and derive enormous encouragement from your kind words in the comments section. I believe there is now a genuine Jukebox community!

Obviously I would like to expand this community.

To that end I would be very grateful if you would take a few moments through the link below to nominate The Immortal Jukebox in the Arts and Culture category.

The URL is

My email is

Thanks very much. Thom Hickey


Nominations are now closed.

68 thoughts on “UK Blog Awards : Nominate The Immortal Jukebox!

  1. You get the CB award for dedication and loving what you do. I’ve enjoyed my surf through your thoughts and takes. You can’t fake what you do Thom. You have put in the time (years of listening) and know your stuff. You are a lover of great music (and other things). You have a positive vibe. I’m going to get a pocket full of change and come back to plug the ‘Jukebox’

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